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Life on the (YOGA) Mat [One to One Workshop]

Susy Fonseca - life coach and Reiki practitionerDo you enjoy the physical benefits of doing yoga, and want to add more richness + meaning to your yoga practice?

Do you want to experience how shifting your yoga approach can impact your everyday living?

With this one to one workshop you get the personal transforming attention that sets you on your way to begin using YOGA as tool for insight on your LIFE.

LEARN how to enrich your practice with meaning
GAIN INSIGHT into using yoga as a tool to shift how you live life
GET MORE out of your YOGA PRACTICE using same time + effort
FEEL LIFE+ YOGA rejuvenated with deeper meaning + possibility

Your perspective on yoga reveals how you're living life.
Your movement flow in your practice reveals the balance your life wants more of.
Come expand your perspective + strengthen your balance. You know you crave this.

Call Fulfillment Coach Susy Fonseca 647.989.7879 to book your 2hr session.

Price: $150